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The History of Truck Trailer Transit

Truck Trailer Transit (TTT), a division of AxleTech International, provides brake systems and differential carriers for heavy-duty vehicles including trucks, trailers, and buses.

TTT was founded in 1982, and focused on supplying brake components to the heavy-duty brake segment of the automotive industry as it was not addressed by other suppliers. The company initially leveraged its experience in manufacturing wedge brake systems and targeted the niched industry. TTT expanded its product portfolio to include specialized s-cam brake systems.

TTT also added a remanufacturing line for both bus and truck wedge brakes, and built a large inventory of parts to provide custom maintenance and service kits. It also offered delivery of transit coach and truck and trailer brake parts anywhere in the USA within three days.

Since its inception, TTT has added s-cam products such as brake maintenance kits, camshafts, brake shoes, slack adjusters and selected brake drums to its product line. Today, TTT services more than 70 percent of all transit operations (city bus lines) in the United States. TTT also services many trucking businesses as well as the U.S. military.

TTT was acquired by AxleTech International in 2008; since then, the division has expanded its product capabilities and customer base worldwide.