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Event Data Recorders

The Tacholink Event Data Recorder (EDR) is
a mobile vehicle computer that is designed
to discretely monitor and record vehicle data.  
Standard data recorded by the EDR includes:
Speed, RPM, Idle Time, Fast Acceleration and
Heavy Braking. Optional data may be recorded
from primary vehicle components (engine,
transmission) or secondary vehicle components
such as (lighting, safety equipment).

The data recorded by the EDR is presented
in an easy to read graphical format that can
be used to support maintenance, operations
and risk management. With the accelerometer
option, the EDR can be used as an Accident Reconstruction tool.

Technical Capabilities

  •  Non Volatile Memory Storage – Typically a Minimum of 6 Weeks of Data Resident in EDR
  •  J-1708, J-1939, Digital, Analog and OBD-II Monitoring Capabilities
  •  Capability to Monitor 1 to 15 Inputs by Default, More if Requested
  •  Tri-Axial Accelerometers
  •  Driver Identification
  •  Optional GPS, RF Wireless Data Downloading
  •  Customer Owns their Data, No Charges for Data Retrieval
  •  No Recurring Software Service Fees